Best Sauna Stones on Amazon

Where can I purchase safe sauna stones online? This may have been the question that brought you here, or maybe you are just looking to learn more about sauna stones and how to choose the best sauna stones. Looking for more in-depth content on sauna rocks?  Click here: If you have done your research or owned sauna rocks before and are looking for the best place to purchase stones online, you are in the right place! Sauna stones ...

5 Reasons To Sauna This Winter

Winter weather has been creeping in for a few weeks now, depending on where you live. With the cold weather and lack of sunshine our bodies start to crave the warmth and energy that comes from heat and sun rays. Saunas can be the perfect addition to your weekly routine to help keep you out of any winter 'funk'. Not only can a sauna warm up your bones and help you to relax, but your body will thank you for the health benefits after a few visits as well! Top Reasons To Use A Sauna This Winter...

Sauna Health Enhancements

Enhance your life with a sauna! That is the theme of today's post in which we are thankful for for supplying an incredible infographic on. A heart attack occurs in the United States about every 20 seconds with a death caused by heart attack occurring around once every minute. These are very real and frightening statistics from the National Center for Health Statistics and NHLBI. Knowing this, wouldn't you want to take any possible precautionary actions available to help ...

What’s the Best Electric Sauna Heater?

Hanko electric sauna heater
So you're looking to install a sauna in your home, or maybe you're just looking for an upgrade. Having a high-quality and reliable sauna heater is a crucial piece of this at-home experience! A sauna heater is the core of what makes a sauna relaxing and beneficial in terms of health improvement. The sauna heater you choose will dictate the temperatures you can reach in your sauna and how quickly your home sauna will be able to get to these temperatures. For this you don't only want to invest in a...

Sauna Tips & Why To Start

Why should I sauna? Saunas often times can feel like a strange experience to take part in for those who have not experienced them before. This is not a surprise. Saunas are many times full of strangers half-clothed or not clothed at all, sitting in a small room and dripping in sweat. This may not seem like the most enjoyable experience to a newcomer, but that is just a stereotype. Why should you take the first step into a sauna? To experience the full range of health benefits that come with spe...

Sauna Advice from Industry Experts

Sauna Water Bucket
Thank you to the LA Times: for a great write up and report on this event. This summit was organized by Mikkel Aaland, a Norwegian American and author of the book “Sweat” about this history of sweat bathing around the world; Mikhail Brodsky, President of Lincoln University who spend 10 years building an authentic Russian Spa called Archimedes Banya; and Greg Moga, an entrepreneur who has created a documentary out of Aaland’s “Sweat” b...

What Sauna Heater Do I Need?

Sauna Heater
You may be new to the whole sauna world, or maybe you own a sauna or have been visiting one for years. Either way the question remains the same, what sauna heater do I need? The first thing to determine is which type of sauna you have or use. There are various types of saunas but chances are you have either a traditional sauna or a far-infrared sauna. With an infrared sauna you will be using infrared heat lamps. Most likely if you have an at home infrared sauna unit, these lamps will come bui...

Top 10 Health Benefits of Using a Sauna

So you're thinking about trying out the sauna at your local fitness center? Or maybe thinking about installing one in your home for the privacy and luxury of an at home spa feel? Why not take a few minutes to learn about 10 great benefits of using a sauna to make this decision that much easier. While I could think of more than 10 incredible reasons to use a sauna for your health, I have compiled them into 10 of which I think are the most compelling. Enjoy! Relax your body Flush toxin...