Sauna Troubleshooting

sauna troubleshooting

Sauna Troubleshooting

These sauna troubleshooting guidelines will help you solve common problems you may experience.

Keep in mind, a well built sauna that’s regularly maintained and cared for – See Sauna Maintenance Tips – should last a lifetime without any problems.  Potential areas for concern or repair might be electrical controls and the heater.

Here is a troubleshooting guide for saunas showing problems you may experience along with their causes and recommended solutions.

Troubleshooting Tips

Problem Cause Solution
Sauna rocks are disintegrating Rocks are getting too old Replace heater rocks every 5 to 10 years.  Clean out the heater trough and discard broken rocks since the grit they produce can damage the heater.
Heater doesn’t operate Thermostat is set too low Adjust thermostat to a higher setting
Heater doesn’t operate Overload switch is tripped Your owners manual will indicate where the overload switch it.  Reset it.
Heater doesn’t operate Heating element is burned out or short in an electrical circuit. Call a qualified electrician to handle any electrical work needed
No power Circuit breaker tripped or cord is unplugged Check circuit breaker box and reset or “flip” the breaker.  Check to see the cord is securely plugged into the outlet.
Breakers keep tripping Circuit may be overloaded A sauna needs its own designated circuit, meaning nothing else draws power off that circuit.  Have an electrician check this.
Breakers keep tripping Amperage rating may be wrong Amperage rating of the sauna should match the circuit.  Have an electrician check this.
Dirty sauna rocks Something has spilled on the rocks other than water. Wait for rocks to cool.  Soak them in a solution of light detergent and water.  Wipe with a sponge, then rinse with clean water.  Allow rocks to dry before replacing them.  Replace rocks and slowly build up the heat to thoroughly dry them.  See recommended sauna rocks
Wood is discoloring Saunas darken as they age or the wood is stained For either situation, you can lighten the wood with oxalic acid diluted in water.  Follow instructions on the acid label and protect yourself with goggles and rubber gloves.

Sauna Parts

For a selection of replacement and new sauna parts, see sauna heater parts.

Sauna Repair

Use Angie’s List for sauna repairs performed by qualified contractors.

You’ll find reviews from other sauna owners that will help you locate and choose the best repair company for the job.  Angie’s List is really very helpful for finding everything from home repair to automotive repair to medical practitioners.

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