Sauna Safety Tips

How to stay safe in the sauna

Here are sauna safety tips for staying safe in your home sauna.  Follow these established safety guidelines and enjoy infra red sauna benefits  without risking your health.

It’s true.  There’s no single right way to enjoy a sauna and there are many techniques to use in sweat baths.  And if your goal is sauna detox, the last thing you want is to feel worse.  So here’s a list of safety requirements for your sauna:

Safe Structural Sauna

Electrical – If the sauna is in a wet location, use a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter).  Licensed electricians will know the code for your area.  Also, the main panel should be installed in a dry place outside the sauna.  Do not try to hard wire the sauna yourself unless you are a licensed electrician.  Replace damaged electrical cords by first switching off the power at the circuit breaker.

Always dry your hands before touching electrical controls to avoid risk of shock.  Do not use outdoor saunas during electrical storms.  There is a risk of lightning strike.

Guardrail –  Place a guardrail around your sauna heater to protect you from hot surfaces and do not place materials that can catch fire near the heater.

Venting –  Make sure your sauna is properly vented and supplies fresh air.  Proper venting places a vent beneath the heater for air to enter the sauna and a vent in the ceiling for air to exit.

Locks –  Do not put locks or latches on the sauna because of the risk of entrapment.

Sauna Health Safety

  • No Children Allowed –  Only allow children in the sauna with continuous adult supervision.
  • Doctor’s Permission –  Consult a doctor prior to using a sauna if you have circulatory problems, diabetes, heart disease, low or high blood pressure, or are obese.
  • Pregnant Women –  Avoid the sauna if you are pregnant or if you may be pregnant unless your physician says otherwise.  High temperatures can potentially cause damage to your unborn baby especially during the early months of pregnancy.
  • Alcohol and Drugs –  Excessive alcohol or recreational drug use can affect your ability to withstand sauna heat.  It’s best to avoid the sauna when you’re partying like a rock star.
  • Discomfort and Dizziness –  Staying too long in the sauna can produce hyperthermia, where your body’s temperature increases and may cause drowsiness, dizziness, or fainting.  Don’t stay in the sauna too long.

Also, never fall asleep in a sauna.  You risk hyperthermia and the associated dangers.  See How to burn calories in a sauna.

How Sauna Rocks Affect Safety

What kind of rocks to use in a sauna can impact your safety.  Peridotite is a dense, irregular shaped igneous rock. Use igneous peridotite stones in a sauna heater to avoid the dangers of cracking or exploding stones in your sauna.  You can find sauna replacement rocks here.

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