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Sauna maintenance for a homemade sauna requires little effort.  Unlike a hot tub or spa in your home, a sauna doesn’t have pumps and motors and filters.  Also, there are no chemicals needed.  Follow safety precautions for sauna.

In terms of mechanical equipment, saunas have only a heater to contend with.  See Choosing a Sauna Heater for insight on heater selection and upkeep.  So care for your sauna consists mainly of preventative maintenance:

  • Seal the floor of your sauna with wood preservative to make maintenance easier.
  • Prop the door open on the sauna when you finish.  This lets it air out for thorough drying.  Also lift up the duckboards.
  • Keep a terrycloth towel on the benches to absorb perspiration.  Remove the towel and clean it after each use.

Sauna Cleaning

Cleaning the sauna.  Wash the sauna floor a few times a year.  Also the benches can be cleaned with water and mild detergent.  This cleans up any perspiration stains that might have gotten through the terrycloth.

Note: Do not use ammonia or any harsh cleaners since they can change the color of your wood.

Cleaning stains requires using oxalic acid diluted in water.  See maintenance directions in the sauna troubleshooting guide.

Sauna Housing Maintenance

Your sauna door may shrink or swell depending on the season.  You can adjust a friction door catch and adjust the pressure setting.

Light Bulbs: It’s recommended to use a bulb made for harsher environments.  Sauna bulbs are not expected to last as long as bulbs used elsewhere.  Use an amber orange color light.  Although any 40 or 60 watt light bulb will work fine.

Sauna Heater Maintenance

A sauna heater doesn’t require much maintenance.  You can clean the outer shell of the heater and the trough with the rocks using a non-abrasive cleaner.

Do not disassemble the heater unit yourself.  Leave any internal or electrical maintenance to a qualified person.   See Angie’s List for Sauna Maintenance & Repair in your area.

Sauna Rocks

Sauna rocks may need to be replaced in 5 to 10 years. Granite rocks can last much longer if cared for properly – See Troubleshooting for rock cleaning and maintenance.

Sauna Accessory Maintenance

Typically, the wooden bucket is the only accessory to be concerned with.  Keep the bucket stored upside down to drain water.  Only use a wood bucket in the sauna.

Sauna Repair

For repairs, check out Angie’s List cost .  You’ll find qualified sauna repair companies with reviews from people like yourself.

Sauna Troubleshooting

See the Sauna Troubleshooting Guide for repairs and fixes you can do yourself as well as tips on how to clean a sauna.

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