Sauna Health Enhancements

Sauna Health EnhancementsEnhance your life with a sauna!

That is the theme of today’s post in which we are thankful for for supplying an incredible infographic on.

A heart attack occurs in the United States about every 20 seconds with a death caused by heart attack occurring around once every minute. These are very real and frightening statistics from the National Center for Health Statistics and NHLBI. Knowing this, wouldn’t you want to take any possible precautionary actions available to help make sure your heart and body are in tip-top condition? I know I would, and many of us here and within the sauna community are aware of these statistics which helps make the decision to purchase or spend time in a sauna so much easier.

Did you know that daily use of a sauna may reduce the risk of heart and all-cause deaths by over 50%? These statistics have been researched by many top doctors and institutions for years and we have been able to collect these findings and narrow them down to the top 10 health benefits of saunas in this article here: Top 10 Health Benefits of Sauna.

The health benefit which relates to this shocking statistic very closely is the improvement of cardiovascular performance. Saunas do this in a process called hypothermic conditioning in which your body is exposed to very hot conditions and can help your health and athletic performance. In a sauna, your body increases plasma volume which improves blood flow to your heart. Benefit? Your heart doesn’t have to work as hard but pumps an equal amount of blood lowering your heart rate and reducing strain. This is a great way to lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

On the verge of purchasing a sauna or want to experience these great health benefits? One of the main decisions to make will be whether to purchase a Traditional Sauna or an Infrared Sauna. Our friends over at have also put together a great resource on the benefits of these two sauna options with a very helpful infographic which can be viewed here.


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Interested in more? Check out The Top 10 Health Benefits of Saunas or read some Advice from Industry Experts!

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