Which Sauna Accessories Do I Need?

Sauna Accessories

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Which sauna accessories will you need to make your home sauna complete? What supplies are necessary? There’s a lot to choose from but here’s required sauna equipment.

There are some key sauna accessories that will enhance your sauna experience.  All accessories are not necessary, but many will greatly add to your enjoyment.

Here are some indoor and outdoor sauna supplies and accessories you should consider for you home sauna, along with links to actual sauna units:

Bucket – Holds the water that you splash on the rocks.  Should be made of wood.

Ladle – Long handled dipping spoon used with the bucket to pour water over the sauna rocks.

Thermometer – To check the sauna temperature and not how it changes.

Brushes and Loofahs – Use these to wash in the sauna and stimulate your skin.

Hygrometer – Measures the humidity in the sauna … usually ranges from 10 to 35%

Headrest, Backrest, and Leg Rest – These provide comfort in the sauna.  Should be made of wood.

Timer – Shows how long you’ve been in the sauna.  Sand/Hour Glass timers are recommended.

Vihta – A wooden whisk used to swat yourself and enhance circulation.

Towel – Use a large absorbent towel to sit on lie on in the sauna. This keeps the benches clean and provides some comfort.

Sauna Bucket

Sauna Bucket

A bucket and dipper are essential accessories.

Ladle some water over hot sauna rocks and you get wonderful steam or löyly which opens the pores promotes sweating.  See Sauna and Steam.

The water changes the hot dry air into comfortable moist air.  Steam gives bathers the authentic sauna experience.



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Infrared Sauna Facts

Health, fitness, and wellness seems to take center stage at the beginning of every year.  From new diets, to workouts, even plastic surgery, so many people are looking for a new way to stay fit in 2015.  One healthy direction this year is the sauna.  Not the traditional sauna but infrared home saunas.

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