How To Plan A Sauna

Guides To Plan A Sauna, Select, Maintain And Use A Home Sauna!

The options in prefab and easy-installation home saunas that are now available can be overwhelming. Hot Tubs, Saunas, & Steam Baths is the one guidebook homeowners need for selecting, installing, and enjoying home spa components.

Full-color photographs show you the range of designs available for both indoor and outdoor saunasAuthor Alan E. Sanderfoot explains the installation and environmental requirements for adding saunas, steambaths, and hot tubs to your home.  He addresses issues such as water, drainage, floor and ceiling surfaces, vapor barriers, doors, fencing, and lighting.

Hot Tubs, Saunas, & Steam Baths

Since enjoyment is the ultimate goal here, there is plenty of advice on planning a home sauna , with information on sauna supplies, sauna health benefits, and sauna safety issues.

Covering one of the hottest home improvement trends today, Hot Tubs, Saunas, & Steam Baths offers the most up-to-date and accessible information available for anyone interested in creating a relaxing haven in the home.  Enter The Ice Sauna – a welcome alternative to the heat.

How To Buy A Hot Tub

Steam Bath Reviews

How To Build A Sauna At Home The Easy Way

Here’s a helpful guide on how to plan a sauna and building a home sauna.  How to build a sauna at home the easy way.

How To Build Your Own Sauna & Sweat

An illustrated, D-I-Y sauna planning and sauna constructing resource guide.  Also features how to use your sauna.  Written by Mikkel Aaland. How to build your own sauna & sweat.

build a home sauna

How to build a sauna at home

build your own sauna

Build your own sauna

how to sauna guide

How to sauna at home

How To Plan A Great Sauna

Great Saunas provides this resource for planning – How To Plan a Great Sauna

Sauna Planning – Granite in Saunas

Can you use granite countertops in saunas?  The granite would be impervious to the heat and moisture.  The moisture could cause mold on the rough underside of granite counters or shelves.  When asked what kind of rocks to use in a sauna, you should understand the dangers of using inappropriate stones.  See how to safely sauna.

DIY Sauna Kits

DIY Sauna Kits

Make a backyard sauna

Make a backyard sauna from a shipping container

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