How To Choose The Best Sauna

how to choose the best sauna

How to choose the best sauna

What’s the best sauna for your home?  Owning a home sauna is probably easier and cheaper than you think.

A home made sauna is excellent for relaxing and soothing sore muscles without the need to go to a spa or to the gym – See Sauna Health Benefits.  The options are many in terms of size, materials and sauna design.  So here’s how to choose a sauna.  Check this out before buying any sauna – Mistakes to avoid in choosing a sauna.

What Sauna Should I Buy?

Build a sauna or buy a sauna?  If you’re not handy or don’t have the time to devote to building your own sauna, you can purchase a prefabricated sauna.

Prefab saunas or do-it-yourself sauna kits come ready to assemble and require very little construction knowledge.  And if you are handy and want a more customized sauna, build your own sauna from scratch using these sauna plans or sauna blueprints.

Where To Locate A Home Sauna

Consider the best location for your sauna. Walk around your home and property looking for potential areas.  This can actually determine which size type of sauna you should buy.

If you have a large yard, maybe a lake setting, you may want a stand-alone outdoor unit may be the best sauna.

Will you ever want to move your sauna? If you do, consider a portable infrared sauna.  Portable saunas are free-standing units that you can plug into a wall.  If you feel you may want to move your sauna or take it with you when you move, a portable sauna may be a good option.

What Size Sauna Should You Buy

Choose a size based on how you will use your sauna. Two-person saunas are as small as 4 feet x 4 feet and easily fit in your home.  If you plan to share your sauna with many people, you should consider a larger unit (12 feet x 12 feet) placed outdoors.  Smaller units will heat up quicker.

Which Is Best – Wet Sauna, Dry Sauna Or Ice Sauna?

Traditional traditional Finnish sauna was a free-standing building made of wood and heated with wood fires.  This sauna generates a dry heat.  By ladling water over the heated sauna rocks you produce light steam.

Heat from a dry sauna is by radiation, usually an electric sauna heater. Infra red saunas are dry saunas.  Wet saunas use heated sauna rocks, over which you pour water. This produces the steam and humidity in an otherwise dry sauna.

An ice sauna is not technically a sauna.  It’s a cold room that offers temperatures as cold as -10 degrees F.  It offers its own health benefits.  For a truly wet sauna experience, you may want a steam shower or steam bath – See 10 Reasons To Buy A Steam Shower.  Sauna vs. steam makes a difference too.  Make sure you know what you like before choosing.

Sauna For Weight Loss

Do saunas burn calories?  Some people swear that saunas help you lose weight.  It’s believed that saunas can boost your metabolism as much as 20% which indirectly burns calories.  How much increase depends on how much time you spend in the sauna.  What’s the best sauna for weight loss?

build your own sauna

Build your own sauna

build a home sauna

How to build a sauna at home

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