Build your own homemade sauna

Build a sauna at your home and enjoy the luxury and relaxing benefits of a homemade sauna spa experience right where you live.

You’ll be adding value to your home with one of the hottest home improvements in 2016.

Record numbers of people visit health spas for massages, wraps and steam.  You can enjoy this same experience by installing or building your own home sauna, outdoor sauna, steam bath, or hot tub. You have many options in prefab kits and easy to install home units.  You can also build from scratch using sauna plans and sauna blueprints.

As a guide, I recommend – Planning A Home Sauna for choosing from a range of designs and installing indoor and outdoor home spa components. It’s also great for learning How to Sauna (you do need to know where to start).

First choose a type of sauna from the wide variety available.  You also need to decide on a heater – Choosing a Sauna Heater.

Before building, have a good understanding of installation and environmental requirements such as drainage, fencing, doors, ceiling and floor surfaces, and lights.  How to Build A Home Sauna will guide you step by step through the process.

Enjoying your sauna is the ultimate goal.  So, along with sauna planning and building instructions, here is advice on how to get the most out of your home sauna, useful information on sauna accessories (See Which Sauna Accessories Do I Need?), the benefits of sauna, and sauna safety tips, maintenance, and troubleshooting tips.

Learn how to build a sauna in your own home today and start enjoying the benefits of spa lifestyle while taking advantage of one of the hottest home improvement trends today.

Looking for a spa or hot tub? How about sinks for your home improvement project? Jacuzzi makes Astracast with some very cool accessories.  Save Up To 36% Off Jacuzzi Sinks & Accessories.

The wrong sauna heater stones can crack or even explode.  See how to choose sauna replacement rocks.

More Home Improvement Tips

Granite In Saunas – Can you use granite countertops in saunas?

Kitchen Makeover Tips – Renovate your kitchen and bath including saunas and steam showers.

Sauna Weight Loss and Fitness Resources

Do saunas really burn calories?  See 50 And Fit for healthy weight control tips for people over 50.

You can optimize your hormone production naturally with the renegade style of eating too.

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