Best Sauna Stones on Amazon

Where can I purchase safe sauna stones online?

This may have been the question that brought you here, or maybe you are just looking to learn more about sauna stones and how to choose the best sauna stones. Looking for more in-depth content on sauna rocks?  Click here: If you have done your research or owned sauna rocks before and are looking for the best place to purchase stones online, you are in the right place!

Sauna stones should vary in size from around half the size of an orange to 3x the size of an orange. Having varying sizes allows for proper stacking within your sauna heating unit. These rocks should be a dense, igneous stone with a rough surface to allow for water to pool on top of them when ladled on. Our team at Health Benefits of Sauna has been in the sauna industry for many years and we have dealt with many stone dealers and companies to determine which are the best  stones. To no surprise we have found some of the best sauna stones to actually be available on Amazon. With Amazon’s extremely fast shipping (even for heavy sauna stone boxes), great return policy and wide variety we have found and used many options available. Below are the top 3 options for sauna stones on Amazon and will surely be the perfect replacement to your current sauna stones and allow for even and soothing heating qualities.

Best Sauna Stones for sale on Amazon:

Hanko Sauna Stones

Home Supply Sauna Rocks

Home Supply Sauna Rocks on Amazon

Perfect for most models of sauna heaters. 40 lbs of high-quality Home Supply sauna stones.

Peridotite is a dense, course-grained igneous rock. Only igneous peridotite stones should be used in a sauna heater.

$81 & Free Shipping on Amazon Shop Now >


baltic leisure sauna stones

Baltic Leisure Sauna Rocks

Baltic Leisure Sauna Rocks on Amazon

Sauna stones from Baltic Leisure. 30 lbs box of igneous dolerite rock selected to withstand rapid heating and cooling experienced in a sauna.

$116 & Free Shipping on Amazon Shop Now >



best sauna stones

Hanko Sauna Rocks

Hanko Sauna Rocks on Amazon

30 lbs of premium Hanko sauna stones. These stones are perfect for Tylo Sauna heaters as well as other traditional sauna heaters. These are natural rocks of Igneous Dolerite (black diabase) that withstand Rapid Heating and Cooling. Heaters above 8kw output Require Two Cartons of Stones.

$120 & Free Shipping on Amazon Shop Here >

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