Backyard Sauna You Can Build Yourself

backyard sauna

Build a backyard sauna

The Sauna Box is a backyard sauna made from a shipping container with a traditional wood fire stove.  Yet this homemade sauna is so much more than a watertight, transportable box.

Canadian design studio, Castor Canadensis, is a collective of craftsmen and artists who combined their talents to create this utilitarian yet aesthetically appealing sauna box.

Kelvin Goddard – designer & metal smith, Brian Richer – stonecarver, and Ryan Taylor – photographer & designer, are the originators of the Castor Box.

The Sauna Box from Castor is an outdoor sauna, can be transported and set up anywhere, and even withstands saltwater.  These prefab saunas get theirelectrical power from solar panels and their heat from burning wood – truly a minimal impact, sustainable addition to a healthy way of life – unusual health benefits of saunas.

Each custom made unit also features a sink, stone stool, custom wood work, iPod stereo, and even bronze antlers (you know how important a good set of bronze antlers is)!  Here’s how to build a sauna at home the easy way.

homemade saunasauna antlers





Outdoor Sauna Box


Castor Canadensis


COR-TEN Steel Shipping Container, Western Red Cedar, Insulation, Hardware


96″L x 96″W x 96″H


Traditional wood-burning backyard sauna built into a shipping container. The Suana Box is completely self-sustaining, with solar power electrical and a wood fire stove. The box comes standard with iPod stereo, electric guitar hook-up, stone stool, magnetic truck light  and bronze antlers.

PRICE: $41,000.00

The Sauna Box is available from

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