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steam at home

Steam At Home

The new Steam At Home steam showers from Mr. Steam offer a compact and affordable home steam shower solution for smaller baths … and smaller budgets!  Instead of a sauna, consider a steam at home shower.

Mr. Steam now offers steam generators that are 20% smaller than traditional.  These 3 new models fit 3′ X 4′ and 3′ X 5′ tile and acrylic showers and are priced from $1,250 to $1,450.

Steam showers are becoming increasingly popular for their health benefits as well as their resource savings (a typical 20-minute steam shower uses less than 1 gallon of water compared to tens of gallons used in a multi-head shower or whirlpool bath).

Steam Shower Features

Mr. Steam Steam@Home units feature polished chrome controls and the AromaSteam steamhead which is cool to the touch and allows you to infuse essential oils for aromatherapy in your steam shower. Aromatherapy offers additional wellness benefits.

Units come standard with a 20-minute timer and power options of either 208-volt or 240-volt.  You get a 1-year warranty on the steam generator and control.

Relax And Enjoy The Steam At Home

Above all, when you’re in either a steam bath or a sauna, just relax and enjoy it.  This is the real reason so many people are adding a sauna or steam bath to their homes.


  • Ideal for starter homes and guest baths
  • Works for tile and acrylic surrounds
  • 23% more compact than standard steam bath generator
  • Uses less than 1 gallon of water for a 20 minute session
  • Available in 208V or 240V 1 phase
  • Built with integral safety time-out feature

Steam@Home Package includes:

  • SteamStart™: 20 Minute InShower Control in Polished Chrome
  • 30 Foot Cable
  • Cool-to-the-Touch Steamhead with Acrylic Shield
  • 3 Budget-Friendly Models:


  • SAH3000 3        $1250
  • SAH4500 4.5     $1350
  • SAH6000 6        $1450

Download Brochure: Steam@Home

kohler steam generator

Kohler Steam Generator

KOHLER K-1733-NA 9 kW Fast-Response Steam Generator


Fast-Response technology produces steam in just one minute instead of waiting four minutes.  For use in a shower module or custom shower environment.

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